Monday, June 23, 2008

Cuteness overload

The dog startled sleeping raccoons this morning. The mother scampered off leaving two small grumble-whistly balls of cuteness.

So I took my camera, found the telephoto lens (by asking Lorraine where it was) and headed down into the woods to sit patiently while being eaten by mosquitoes, hoping for a few photos.

Lots of bad photos of the baby raccoons being blurred beneath leaves. Then I made the mistake of whistling back at them. They went "Whee-tweetle-thirrp!" and tumbled out of the leaves towards me...

..and I discovered the problem with taking photos of baby raccoons with a telephoto lens is that a telephoto lens is the last thing you want when they're snuffling around your feet trying to figure out why you sound so much like their mother.

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