Monday, May 12, 2008

Warning; contains language

Over at Sara Benincasa's YouTube channel, you can see lots of videos made by Sara as she zoomed around in tunnels and behind the scenes in New York for the CBLDF a few weeks ago...

This is Why I Support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (the lighting means you can't see the black eye, I'm afraid). (If all four videos don't show up on your feed, then go to the original post.) (This one doesn't contain any swearing...)

Why Frank Miller supports the CBLDF:

(I think Frank's reply is my favourite. It's simple, personal and direct.)

Why Jeff Smith does:

and why Bill Hader does:

Feel very free to spread them around. (I hope that after San Diego this year we'll have a lot more of them to put up and spread around.)

Finally, here's me announcing the conclusion of the Gordon Lee case, at the New York Comic-con CBLDF event (I like the way the camera finishes on Magnetic Field and Future Bible Hero Claudia Gonson):

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