Friday, May 02, 2008

the dogs and the bees

In the wild I can tell people who read this blog regularly from common or garden human beings because the blog-reading people tend, on meeting me for the first time to say things like, "How are the bees?" which the common or garden human beings do not, unless they are mad in an interesting way, in which case the bees are all in their head.

And all across Australia when asked what was happening at home in bee-world I have been saying, "Er. I do not know."

Meanwhile back at home exciting bee things have been going on without me. Luckily Sharon the birdchick feels guilty about doing terrific bee things in my absence and has recorded the experience of putting in a new hive so that even in Australia I can see what's going on.

Her write-up about what's happening is at Sharon's husband, the inestimable "Ivory" Bill Stiteler made a couple of youtube films about the hive installation that are in her next post, (Meanwhile, the view from the trenches as my assistant Lorraine goes and gets the bees from the post office here, and ponders missing the terror and the chaos of last year's first bee-installation here.)

Interviewed yesterday by local paper The Age, for the first time in nearly three years. Had photo taken after interview, and suddenly remembered how astonishingly bad the last photo of me in The Age was. The new photo isn't bad, but I was outside the hotel, the wind was whipping down the street, blowing my hair to one side, and my hair looks odd. Even odder than usual. ("No longer on the fringe," is the caption, which is, I think, probably about the hair and not the meainstreaming of comics.)

Gris Grimly, my collaborator on The Dangerous Alphabet, has his own website at

Hello Neil!!

I just thought you should know that Amazon just sent out an email saying you wrote "75 Simple Ways to Keep Me Happy for Life"

I looks like a lovely dog book but I think you just wrote the foreword.

While I am sure your readership is interested in learning about dogs being happy, perhaps Amazon might want to put the correct author on the webpage and email. :)



Consider it posted. And no, I didn't write it, only the foreword, which talks about Anne Bobby and how very qualified she is, despite being a famed actress of stage and screen and audio, to write a book on dogs.

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