Friday, April 04, 2008

plan four....?

Merrilee, my literary agent, is out here for a couple of days, so that we can figure out what I have to do this year. We do this every eighteen months or so, and it helps both of us, I think. It got a bit confusing yesterday evening, after plan one was completed, when the phone rang and I suddenly found myself agreeing to write a couple of films I hadn't planned for earlier that afternoon. So now we're into plan two. (Plan three: lock me in a cupboard and let me out when everything is written.)

Over on John Scalzi's blog is a terrific piece about convention etiquette which should be spread around. I read it and just kept nodding, like one of those toy dogs in cars (do they still have those?):

Here's a remarkable little film clip about Leonardo da Vinci which Bob Morales just sent me, that left me going "Oh, of course," at the end.

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