Thursday, April 17, 2008

Last orders

My face is now an amazing bunch of colours. Yellow and purple predominate, but there are some delicate browns and greens in there too. Tomorrow afternoon, lots of on-camera interviews...

I just borrowed an office while waiting for a meeting on the Neverwhere movie, which has come back to life-- they want me to do a polish on the script I did in 1999 -- to check email, so I can't post another photo yet I'll try and do it later.

This just came in from Charles Brownstein at the CBLDF, about the event(s) tomorrow:

There are still a few tickets left for the general admission seating [That's the $20 one, Neil], which can be preordered at NYCC's site, or if supplies last, purchased from the CBLDF on Friday at the show.

There are also some spots left in the VIP Experience
[that's the $500 one. Still Neil], which will include an incredible gift bag. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has created a beautiful pouch that includes Orange, a new fragrance made for the occasion of the reading, as well as a scent locket, and imps of three Gaiman perfumes. Neverwear is contributing shirts and a discount card, and a variety of goodies. And you'll also be signing for and also giving an original drawing to each VIP ticket holder. VIP tix are still available, but must be procured online.

Details for on-line tickets are here.

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