Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Four videos

(There are four embedded videos here, so if you're on a feed and it cuts off after the first video click on the direct link to the site at

I forgot to mention that the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund event at the New York Comic Con, the one with me reading stuff and talking, is going to be Master-of-Ceremonied/introduced/ hosted by Bill Hader, who had to book time off from Saturday Night Live in order to be there. (I was thrilled that he said yes.)

Bill Hader does a wonderful Vincent Price, and is not to be confused with Adam Buxton, who was Quintus in Stardust, and who prompted someone to write in today to tell me:

I take it you've already seen this. Not sure if it's suitable for all of your readers though...

I hadn't, but I thought it was funny. It's an alternative ending to Stardust, and indeed, not suggested for children...

Hi, Neil. Saw this, thought it had some interesting resonances with MirrorMask as well as a poignancy of its own.



(Beautiful. There's also sharper version of it up at

And to close, a song I was sent by a friend who saw Tim play in New York...

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