Tuesday, March 18, 2008

picture time

Hey world! It's Maddy G-Dogg. Guess what! IT'S PICTURE TIME! WOOOOOOOO

Myself, Dad, Heather and Henry Selick. Yeah, we look cool. I know.

The Wonderful Madeleine and Henry Selick's son, Harry.

Me getting my make-up done! Oooh la la!

Henry's magnificent assistant Shelley!! And I would just like to point out that behind her, there now sits a napkin. On this napkin, written in the finest of magenta ink, is:

Maddy Gaiman is amazing!
-the world.
P.S. I heart Shelley

Marvelous Maddy and Shining Shelley!

Dad, me and Merrilee in a yummy little sushi restaurant! P.S. If your daughter has never tried a Caterpillar Roll, please do not persuade her to pop one in her mouth. The whole eel and avacado thing is not something that a particular 13-year-old is a fan of.

Me with my chocolate pig named Franklin. :)

That's all for now folks. Oh and by the way as I am writing this, my father, aka the brilliant yet slightly odd Neil Gaiman, is downstairs signing some books like crazy! GOOOOO DAD!

Bye. :)

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