Friday, March 28, 2008

Chris Riddell

Chris Riddell is an award-winning illustrator of Children's books in the UK.

Bloomsbury are very aware that there are two very different audiences for The Graveyard Book -- that it's a book that works as a children's book and it's also a book for adults. So Sarah, my editor, proposed that Chris illustrate the childrens' edition, and that the one illustrated by Dave McKean will be aimed at an adult readership. In the UK, Dave's babe-on-a-knife-edge cover will be for adults (and may also have a signed, limited edition). Chris's version will be for younger readers.

Here's Chris Riddell's wonderful cover -- the jacket flaps are at each side. The text on the cover is dummy text -- it'll have a different quote on the back, I expect, and there are several things that need fixing in the blurbs and the biographies and such. But the artwork is really lovely, and I thought people would like to see it...

(Reposted as the colours were strangely wrong on the last version I put up.)

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