Saturday, March 08, 2008

29 Weeks, 2 days, 19 hours, 57 minutes, 16 seconds

The Webgoblin made Graveyard Book counters for us. Go and look at the front page of to check it out.

The Blue Peter website has the first chapter of Odd and the Frost Giants up at

Any luck on recreating the best-EVER rice pudding? :D


No, and I'm a bit grumpy about it. What I did was put some sweet rice in a bowl, then add some raw sugar, a smidge of salt and and then pour in some local milk. Then I shoved the bowl in an oven, and when I took it out a while later I had a perfect rice pudding. Thrice. The fourth time, having mentioned it on this blog, I figured I'd actually work out the amounts and immortalise it, at which point it all went wrong. It worked fine as long as I was doing it by eye, but was doomed the moment I started to try and pay attention to what I was doing. It's like one of those particles that you can know where it is or how fast it's going, but not both. I can apparently cook rice pudding well or keep track of times and quantities but not both....

One day.

Hi Neil,

Regarding the amazon discount on Absolute Sandman 3.

I place my order last week working out that the discount of 37% plus the extra 5% would be a 42%.

However, the 5% discount was applied to the already discount price so in total it was just over a 40%.

Still a bargain compared to the 10% discount that are offering.


Ah. Good to know...

Hello Neil,

I know there has been a lot of hooplah about the free book. However, your diabolical plan has worked on me. I read it last weekend, then immediately went out and bought Anansi Boys.

Now I'm interested in reading Sandman next and am confused as to what to buy. The Absolute Sandman looks cool, but the $77.62 on Amazon is pretty steep for something I'm not sure I'm going to love $77.62 worth.

So, is there anything still in print that will give me a just a taste of Sandman?

Of course. The trade paperbacks are cheaper, and a way to find out if you like it. There are ten volumes in the Sandman series, along with Dream Hunters (a prose book with lovely illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano) and Endless Nights (a set of seven short stories).
are the books. They should be available from any good bookshop.

I think the Absolute Sandmans are absolutely worth it, by the way. They're beautiful, each one's 600 pages long, oversized and slipcased. And the odds are good that, given the cost of production, they won't stay in print forever.

Hi Neil,

You are currently in the running for "Most Likely to be a Defrocked Pirate Living in the Wrong Century" poll on Deb Geisler's blog on Livejournal. She talks about it here:

And the poll is available here:



I voted for Steve Brust.