Wednesday, February 13, 2008

the view from Chapter 8

A little over 22,000 people have voted so far. If you haven't, go to and click on the cover of the book you think should be available online for free.

And I can now, following a long phone call with Harper Childrens, answer yesterday's When Will The Graveyard Book Be Coming Out? question.

There will actually be a "One Day Laydown" in the US, which means that the book won't just wander into the shops over a couple of weeks. Instead there will be one day when it goes on sale everywhere. Probably bookshops doing on-sale-at-midnight, graveyard-themed, kick-off-Hallowe'en-month parties. All that sort of stuff.

And that on-sale date in the US will be SEPTEMBER 30th 2008.

Now I go back to finishing writing the book, 'cos if I don't finish it, those graveyardy bookshop parties are going to be pretty sad affairs.

(Also discussed, the reinvention and redesign of so it's no longer a giant flash animation thing, but is something that I could link to and that's really a resource for teachers, librarians and kids.)

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