Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fans Part Two

One thing that Canadian TV had that nobody else ever did was Prisoners of Gravity which was, under the brilliant eye of Mark Askwith, not just a show about comics and science fiction and fantasy, but an astonishing collection of interviews with pretty much a Who's Who of SF/Fantasy/Comics in the early 1990s. I keep hoping the whole thing will come out on DVD one day. In the meantime, a few episodes have started to sneak out onto YouTube, in sections...

This is from the Fans episode, 1992. It was 16 years ago, and my plane to Toronto was so late that Mark interviewed me in the car between the airport and the Silver Snail, where I would go on to sign copies of Season of Mists for the next seven hours, would be presented with a Barbie Whistle Torch*, would finish signing long after the local restaurants had closed, and would, that night, sit in the hotel bath trying to get my hand to uncramp, while eating all the cookies in the minibar as a very late night dinner and reflecting on the downside of the glamourous life.

This part of the episode includes Lois McMaster Bujold, Harlan Ellison, me, Dave Gibbons and Garth Ennis... (Part 1 has Douglas Adams, Julie Schwartz and Forrie Ackerman.)

(It's at if you can't see the embedded video.)

*I did not, as stated in this clip, treasure it always. After treasuring it for some time I gave it to Colleen Doran, who assured me that she would treasure it always for me.

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