Thursday, February 21, 2008

Coraline Trailer

The 3D trailer for CORALINE was leaked on the web over the last couple of days. Laika were not very impressed... so they gave us a nice clean, pristine version.

You want to watch the Quicktime version if you can [Edit to add, actually you want to watch the DivX version, now at the top of the page, which is really lovely and actually allows you too see textures and such], but the web goblin put up a YouTube version for those who can't.

Dear Mr. Gaiman,

I was wondering if you have come across this:

yet. I'm curious about your take on the whole issue. Do you think that something as important as the Holocaust can be depicted through a comic book? If it can be, then do you think its all a matter of people's misconception of comics as an inadequate source of serious story-telling?

A comic book aficionado,


Given that art spiegelman's Maus won the 1992 Pulitzer prize, and is a, oddly enough, comic book about the Holocaust, I think that argument was settled 16 years ago. (Dave Sim's upcoming Secret Project is Holocaust-related, and is one of the most emotionally affecting things I've read in comic-book form.) I think any argument that states that comics (or radio or film or a musical or the novel or insert your favourite medium here...) by its nature trivialises its subject matter is foolish, shortsighted, dim, lazy and wrong. You can say "This is a bad comic." You can't say "This is bad because it's a comic."

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