Monday, January 14, 2008

Bad News

I just read the news about Roger Avary, and am mostly posting this because people have already started writing to let me know about it, and to stop that turning into a flood. (I still can't access Blogger except via a sort of email work-around right now.)
According to the news reports (and I have no other information), Roger crashed his car yesterday. His wife Gretchen was thrown out of the car and is in hospital with serious injuries, and the passenger, an Italian friend of Roger's called Andreas Zini, was killed. Roger has been arrested for suspicion of manslaughter and DUI, and released on bail.
And I'm worried about all of them. Worried about Gretchen and their kids, worried about the family of their poor friend, and worried about Roger (who, it's probably worth mentioning, I've known well for over a decade, and who barely drinks).