Saturday, December 22, 2007

Like the Dark Knight trailer, but with buttons...

A few weeks ago someone asked if the Henry Selick Coraline 3D trailer was available online, and I said I'd try and get permission to put it up here. Which the powers that be said no to, because, well, it was 3D.

And then I asked if there was anything I could put up from Coraline. They said they'd see what they could do.

I wasn't sure we'd be given anything, so didn't talk about it. But it's here. I just watched it...

So, for your enjoyment (I hope), a small Christmas present. The first Coraline footage to be released to the world.

(It's not really from me. Laika and Focus chose it and did all the hard work, the Web Goblin did all the building it in the background. I just claim the glory and bask in the reflected wossname.)

It's still about a year away from it coming into cinemas. But here's a first look...

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