Monday, December 03, 2007

Kids! Save! Money!

It looks like Odd and the Frost Giants is on sale from at 90% off. They're selling it for 10 pence... It might be a mistake, or it might be a loss leader, and it's not like it's expensive at a pound either. But I thought I ought to tell you, as Amazon tend to honour their mistakes. And remember, it's not out until March. (And it's being illustrated by Mark Buckingham. Hurrah!) (Depending on where you live, it may only be worth it if you get a few copies to spread around to friends.)

[Edit to add, I'm afraid they've just whacked on a 90p "sourcing fee" bringing it back to a pound.]

[[Later: And it's now back to a full pound again.]]

With the money you save you could nip over to Todd Klein's website at buy a beautiful signed print that Alan Moore wrote and Todd lettered. You can read about it at

(And to add a little colour, here is a picture of the aforementioned Greatest Living Englishman drinking tea on my birthday.)

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