Friday, November 09, 2007

Maddy would like to say a little thing about the premiere

I reminded Maddy about blogging the premiere. She sent me back the following, along with a note apologising for it not being very long ('just say like "maddy would like to say a little thing about the premiere" she instructed).


The day of the premiere was buckets of fun! Dad got a whole new outfit for the premiere. There was this fabulous jacket and can you believe it: he even got a charcoal grey t-shirt in the process!!! ISN'T THAT CRAZY?!?! It was a pretty big deal seeing as the shirt wasn't black. We really had a fun time at the premiere, I thought it was more fun than both of the Stardust premieres! The movie is good too although a little scary for me, but everyone else thinks it's amazing so apparently I'm just a wuss. :P I can't wait for everyone to see it though!


(And here is Roger and Gretchen Avary, Maddy, my agent Jon Levin and me at the premiere. And because people have actually asked what I am wearing, possibly a first in my life, I checked, and I am wearing a two button Yohji Yamamoto jacket with a t shirt by Rick Owens , supplied by a wonderful shop in LA called Maxfields.)

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