Wednesday, November 07, 2007

late night thoughts

Everyone else is at the official Beowulf Junket London hotel, but I'm not. I'm in the hotel I was in when I was in London for Stardust stuff, because in a year when you've travelled too much it's sort of nice to be able to walk through a familiar door and have someone say, "Hullo Mr Gaiman. Back again?"

Let's see. Dinner with daughter, scary goddaughter and the webelf (retired) in Kikuchi's in Hanway Street, which I've meant to try for ages and which is every bit as good as I'd heard it was. (Over at Mark Evanier's blog you can see a photo from a couple of nights ago's dinner of two comics icons and a bloke in a leather jacket who needs a shave.)

Flew over on British Airways and it was brilliant. Much more impressive than Virgin Upper Class. (Ah well. Soon the movie world will be done and it'll be back to travelling NorthWest as per usual.)

So, Neil...when a lovely person like yourself, who has adapted a story into a screenplay, shows up at red carpet events...what's that like? Meaning, do all the A-listers like Angelina say, "oh, hey! Neil Gaiman - script writer!" or do they go, "oh, hey! Who are you again?" I can't imagine what that would be like. I don't know what would be more nerve-racking: people like John Malkovich saying, "hey, I know you!" or people like him saying, "hmm...not sure I know you, but hello." I think probably the former is a bit scarier, but that's just me.

Stay well,

Andrea the Demonic Ice Cube

I think this may be a redundant thing to say, but it depends on whether they know who I am or not, and they would know who I am either because we've physically worked together and met before or some other way. (The some other way can be anything from reading Sandman to reading this blog, or just being the parent of someone who does -- something that I was reminded of at the premiere when I was introduced to Kathlyn Beatty's mum and dad.)

The people who know who I am know who I am. The ones that don't, don't. But I think that's true for whoever you are or whatever you do in life, and it isn't just about red carpets.

This isn't really a question, but didn't see any other contact info -- I ran across this item tonight for people who play Second Life: a free Beowulf avatar that looks pretty cool. Info here: Also available is a free (virtual) movie t-shirt.

There's also a Second Life press conference for Roger and me on Saturday -- details at

It'll be my first time on Second Life.

The webgoblin is going to be moving us from the ancient version of Blogger we're on to something newer, which should avoid some of the problems of recent days. It may create some new problems, so bear with us in the week to come, but we are hopeful that all will be well.


Since you are now on strike and cannot write or rewrite anything for movies or television, would it not be a wonderful time to write some comics?

Be a better time to finish a 5/8ths finished novel.

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