Sunday, October 21, 2007

More of a not-a-blog entry than anything

I need to blog about the Coraline 3D movie preview, about seeing Beowulf (in 2D -- I don't expect to see the 3D print until the premiere or just before) (short form response, it's a remarkable film unlike anything else I've seen or experienced, I look forward to people seeing and talking about the movie rather than the trailers, and you should be able to hear me interviewed at length about my reactions over at the Beowulf Podcast some time this week -- the iTunes link to the podcasts is at
and I also need to blog about the Spike TV SCREAM Awards ( (October 23rd on Spike, all around the world.)

But right now I'm going to wrap the bees up for the Winter, and then I'm heading for the gazebo at the bottom of the garden (see picture below, taken this morning) to get back to what I was doing when I had to drop everything and go and do Coraline and Beowulf and Scream 2007. Now nearly one week late, although at least I'm typing the second draft of Odd and the Frost Giants ( not making stuff up any longer, so I should wrap it up today or tomorrow...

(The cages are for blueberry bushes, to keep the rabbits and the groundhogs out.)