Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Hallowe'en

You can download a podcast from Beowulf of me being interviewed about the film last week, almost immediately after I'd seen it all the way through for the first time.

Dave McKean says thank you, and he has now found his origami crabmaker. (And I say thank you too, to all the volunteers.)

Edit to add: Dave says...

Please post a note thanking everyone for such a wonderful response.
It's great to know you can get an origami crab in an emergency.


Neil, I wanted to be sure someone told you that someone did a pumpkin rendition of Death (here: and entered it in the Wired "Show us your geeky pumpkins" competition (here:

I don't know how that compares to the previously posted Neil o' lantern but I have to admit that I bounced up and down in my chair when I saw it; it's always so cool to find more proof that Gaiman fans are legion ...


Betsy O'Donovan

How cool! and for more (not me-related) pumpkins...

Hi Neil, I thought you might enjoy this.

Duarte Design specializes in presentation graphics. (We did Al Gore's slides for An Inconvenient Truth.) See what our designers came up with this Hallowe'en.

I'm a new employee here, and my husband and I had a BLAST carving our first entry to the contest. Enjoy!

and then there are the costumes...

Hello Mr. Gaiman.

I hope you don't mind it when, instead of using this form to send you interesting questions, people use it to send you delightful photos of themselves in their Delirium costume which they made for Hallowe'en. Because, (in case you haven't already guessed) that is my exact intention.

Also, I love your stories, and wish you continued inspiration and good fortune!
Love from Canada
(You'll find the pictures here. Sorry if there's a better way of doing this, I'm not very computer-savvy.)

I really don't mind posting it at all. If someone wants to create a Picassa or Flikr or something place that people can upload pictures of them in costumes inspired by stuff I wrote, I'll happily put up a link to it here.


Hi there. My name is Erin and some of my community members suggested I write to you and tell you a little about myself and see if you'd be willing to pass a link on to your readers.

I'm suffering from two neurological conditions that keep me from working, but not bad enough for SSA to find me eligible for Medicaid so I can have brain surgery, which would allow me to go back to work. I started a "grass roots" campaign that is getting larger every day. It's called Project Download and it gives a person the chance to help save my life by making one small click a day. Details can be found at

Thank you for taking the time to read this and possibly considering sharing it with your readers. It would mean the world (literally) to me.
Warm regards,

Erin Bennett

I wasn't going to, but I was impressed enough with Erin's FAQs ( that I'm happy to put this up. Hope you get the clicks, and the medical treatment, and good luck.

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