Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Quick One

Hi Neil! I'm really happy you managed to squeeze in an event in Japan after all. Could you please clarify though if the 6.30 is am or pm, please?I also wrote a short guide on how to access the place - with maps and all - which might be of use to English speakers who have a hard time finding their way in Tokyo. It can be found here:
Kind Regards,SeSam

What an astonishingly helpful map -- thank you. And it's 6:30 pm.

Hi Neil,

It was great to see you in Sweden and get the opportunity to see Stardust long before the actual release date. And the movie was great btw, but I certainly missed a few things from the book. I wish that we could have stayed for the signing, but that will have to be the next time.

Me and my wife had some time in the line to get in to see the movie and started to think about one thing. Since I am working as a music promoter and agent the question that came up is: When you travel to events like this - do you have a tour manager? Most bands and artists that I work with do have one (the bigger the band, the more they act like a nanny...). And - do you have a rider prepared for you when you arrive like a proper rock star?

All the best & keep up the good work! :)


ps - I am the one who for quite a while translated this journal into Swedish (just for fun and practice, I think that 99% of your Swedish readers understand English just fine), but after the arrival of our son last April all my spare time is lost (in a good way!). So if anyone wants to take over, they can e-mail me on

Nope, no Tour Manager, although Angharad Thomas from the UK end of Paramount International, and Louise and Eva from the Swedish bit of Paramount were in Lund, organising the various press and TV interviews that I was doing and making sure that turned up on time. In Italy I had Christiana from my publisher Mondadori doing the same thing -- making sure that the interviews happened when they were meant to happen, while my daughter Holly kept a happy eye on me and made sure that I ate.

I keep thinking that if ever I do another reading tour I'd have a tour manager, though. (I know. When I did the Last Angel Tour in 2000 I said it was going to be the last ever reading tour - for details - but that was seven years ago. And I miss it.)

Tour riders would be fun. (I have read too many of them with a crooked grin on my face over at .) If I did a reading tour I'd take great joy in putting one together and demanding good sushi or miniature horses or something, but whatever I demanded or however I demanded it it wouldn't be as good as Iggy Pop's backstage rider...

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