Saturday, September 01, 2007

Of course, he'll also win one for Blink next year

I am feeling insufferably delighted, and know that I must use my powers of prophecy only for good. For lo, did I not write in in May 2006, having just watched it, "right now my money's on "Girl in the Fireplace" for a Hugo Award in 2007. Really lovely."?

And did I not reiterate that prediction here and here?

I did, actually, in case you were wondering and can't be bothered to check.

I'm happy to point to where all has come about as I predicted.

Congrats to Steven Moffat and all the Hugo Winners, and especial congratulations to Tim Pratt, who told me he was certain he wouldn't win because I would, and, probably because of this, I'm actually more pleased by him winning than I would have been if it had been me again.

(The photo above was a mural I liked in the CCTV studios.)

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