Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Why call them back from paradise?

The electricity just went back on, 36 hours after it went off.

I went to bed by candlelight last night, and did nothing yesterday but write, read a little, and, sometimes, walk the dog. No internet. No email. Almost no phone (a cell phone with an ever-declining battery meant I only used it when I had to).

It was great.

There was gas, so for dinner I walked out into the garden, pulled some ears of corns and ate them. And when it got dark I went to bed.

I got so much writing done, and did not even feel guilty for not trying to get on the web, or for not knowing what emails were coming in.

The only tragedy is I just discovered that two of the three goldfish have died in the night -- I suppose because the air bubbler wasn't bubbling air. And one of those fish -- the huge white one -- was about ten years old, or more, was/is about a foot long, and had survived everything (including an idiot once pouring water from the dehumidifier into the tank, that idiot being me) and he had outlived every other goldfish over and over. Sigh.

I'll miss him.


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