Monday, August 13, 2007


It's hard to type when a thunderstorm-scared dog is doing his best to get between you and the keyboard.

(That was as far as I got before the power went out. Now the power's back on and the internet is up and the dog is asleep on the floor, and the next round of thunderstorms is about ten minutes away. So this isn't a blog post. It's an excuse for not posting.)

The coolest thing that happened today was that Stephin Merritt sent me a CD of his CORALINE musical. All the voices are Stephin sped up and slowed down, and the only instrument is what sounds like a toy piano, so it's sometimes hard to extrapolate it into a full-blown full cast musical. Still, the lyrics are amazing --

"I am Miss Spink--" "And I am Miss Forcible--"
"Elderly thespians fallen from grace--"
"We never married so we're undivorceable--"
"Tripping on clippings all over the place."

Big thunder. Dog head between fingers and keyboard. stop now.