Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I've got dozens of tabs opened right now with Stardust reviews in them, most of them astonishingly positive, but I think it's time to let Rotten Tomatoes be the place the reviews get posted. If any particularly interesting ones cross the transom I may post them here, but not otherwise.

(One oddness, for whatever it's worth: audiences, and most of the people-just-posting-about-how-they-saw-a-preview, really like, and make a point of mentioning how much they like, De Niro. They like Michelle Pfeiffer, but they love De Niro. Professional film reviewers, on the other hand, adore Michelle Pfeiffer while most of them seem uncomfortable with De Niro.)

So.... last year there were Neil Gaiman shop and product discussions, started initially by the fact that people were already making their own tee shirts, mugs, mousepads and suchlike on Cafe Press. Many of you sent in suggestions.

And now, in a small way, we've started the thing up. We're already talking about the next wave of stuff, but right now there are two tee shirts: a limited elegant grey Anansi Boys shirt drawn and designed by Dagmara Matuszak, and an unlimited black "Scary Trousers" shirt designed by Kendra Stout. (I look very grumpy on this one.)

For some reason blogger isn't uploading pictures, so you will have to go to and check them out for yourself.

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