Friday, August 03, 2007


There's an interview over in Time Out New York today that suggests that I'm about going to move from whatever cult famousness I have to being someone who is recognised in delicatessens. I hope that doesn't happen. I've spent about 15 years turning down things like People Magazine and the David Letterman Show mostly because I didn't want to be famous in that way, remembering Stephen King's comment to me back in 1992 that if he had his life to live over again the main thing that he would change would be the "Do you know me?" American Express TV advert. He wouldn't do it, because somehow his face entered the public domain at that point. I prefer a world in which the people who don't know me or what I do also don't know my name or what I look like...

Personally I think the genie will stay in the bottle. But we'll see.

I saw your talk about Henry Raddick. Just wondering if you've come across Wayne Redhart on


I hadn't, but I have now. The comments are often funny, but sometimes the simple existence of the item itself left me goggle-eyed and giggling.


There's a really lovely new STARDUST statue coming out, designed and modelled by Charles Vess. Details at
I notice that you can get it extremely cheaply (at cost -- almost half price) over at
from a store that over-ordered (thinking it was the poster)and needs to shift them...

(Which reminds me -- someone let me know that is deep discounting the ANANSI BOYS audiobook on MP3 CD that Lenny Henry recorded. I don't think the MP3 CD audiobook experiment, which I was pushing for, actually worked very well, but if you plan to put in on an ipod or computer, or have an MP3 CD player, it's a great way to get the audiobook without getting a dozen CDs.)


If you're in the Atlanta area, once you've seen Stardust on Friday night, you could see Mirrormask on Saturday the 11th on the big screen at the Centre for Puppetry Arts --


Interesting interview with Matthew Vaughn at
I'd always wondered what he meant by the Princess Bride meets Midnight Run comparison, but reading his explanation, I finally got it.


Am reading Steve Aylett's book LINT right now -- a biography of a fictitious SF writer, someone a little like Philip K Dick. Reading it very slowly, because I keep wanting to read bits out loud to people. It's astonishingly funny, but I have no idea whether or not anyone who isn't me would laugh at it. Or with it.

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