Friday, July 27, 2007

Psst.. it's Maddy!!

Hey ya'll!! THIS IS MADDY!!! :D I am kind of doing this post secretly because I'm not exactly sure if dad has handed his blog over to me yet. He will probably be posting lots of stuff in the next couple of days just telling people where he will be while we are here at Comic-Con and stuff.

Okay, back to me! Since I guest-blogged in Budapest I have had so many compliments and people saying they loved it. Well now I'm back! (But I'm kind of worried because what if it's not as funny this time and then everyone will be like "EWW MADDY ISN'T AS COOL AS WE THOUGHT". Let's hope that doesn't happen.)

Well, while we have been here dad has done a lot of interviews and press stuff and panels and all that jazz! P.S. I saw Jessica Alba and she is very, very pretty in real life!! At the moment dad is off doing something and I am sneaking in this blog entry so let's not tell him shall we? I bet he will find out anyway though... darnit jim.

So I will be reporting back from day to day now!! Fun fun fun. Keep on reading.

Fabulous Maddy