Thursday, July 05, 2007

the perils of travel, narrowly escaped

Today had the potential for being one of those days, given that it began at seven a.m. in Budapest airport when the check-in lady's face fell and she told us that somehow our flight from Budapest to Amsterdam wasn't in their system and that we'd have to go standby on the plane following the one we were meant to get and miss our connection to the US. Somehow we solved that (I think having a twelve year old girl looking worried helped), and they put us on the plane we were meant to be on, but we ran into more problems in Amsterdam because they'd somehow reissued the tickets to solve the Budapest bit of the problem and now we weren't in the computer on the Amsterdam to America leg, but we solved that one, and then it could have got really bad when we got to America and had to go and sit in passport control following the discovery that Maddy's new US passport is, oddly, in the name of "Madeleine Griman". But everything sorted out just fine, and instead of locking Maddy up they just apologised and said that the US passport people were working flat out and making a lot of mistakes, and stamped us in.

So it wasn't one of those days. Maddy and I got home safe and we watched the "Utopia" episode of Dr Who, and then we didn't watch any more because we were too tired. I'm down one cellphone (a Nokia N-80, let me know if you find it), but had a wonderful time, and will tell you more about it when I wake up.