Monday, July 30, 2007

Notes from a vegetable

Today was meant to be spent in a vegetative state, but there were a lot of phone calls and even a meeting in there. All travel plans for the next week have been changed, and everything's a bit up in the air. Your author is, post convention and red-carpet, a vegetable.

Article from Time Magazine,9171,1647474,00.html (what's a mathlete? And why is my hair "suspiciously good"? I think my hair is pretty suspicious myself: yesterday before the premiere I was glaring at it and thinking it looked like clown hair. And then I brushed it and flattened it and put stuff onto it. Yet by the time that I got out of the limo, it was back to normal. But it's not good).

More hair and school comparisons over at USA Today ("With his shaggy raven hair and black leather jacket, Gaiman looks like a goth-obsessed high-schooler crossed with a Hell's Angels biker," which just leaves me thinking of the Noel Fielding description in the last Big Fat Quiz of the Year.)

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