Tuesday, July 24, 2007

luck, the good kind

I'm starting to repeat myself but it's still true: the best bit about having accumulated a dog, it seems, is not the devoted hound, and it's not even the way the walking the dog keeps me much thinner and healthier than I was previously. The best bit is nights like tonight, when the fireflies are out in abundance like gleams and glints and stars in the gloaming, and there's a low ground-mist like something from a horror movie or a dream. And I never saw that world before I had the dog. I didn't go out walking in the evening on my own. I didn't know it was there.

There are a couple of clips from Stardust up at, introduced by me -- one scene that was shown last year at Comic-con, in which Mr DeNiro and Mr Gervais haggle over some lightning, and one scene in which the Primus, Tertius, Septimus and the Bishop of Stormhold have just raised their wine cups and toasted their quest, with unfortunate results...

(And there's a nice, although not particularly optimistic, review over at

I'm interviewed about Comic-Con over at The Hollywood Reporter. It's actually a really fun interview. At least, I'm being possibly too honest, and I hope no-one takes it the wrong way...

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