Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Interviews. Also sushi and a TV spot.

Today I did interviews with the New York Times Syndicate, the New York Times and the New York Post. Had lunch at the New York version of Sushi Sasabune, about which I cannot say enough good things. And which I hesitate to mention here, because I like that no-one's quite noticed it yet. But I want it to be in business the next time I'm in New York, even if I can't get a table.

This morning I heard that the new TV spot for Stardust was pretty good. And you know, it is...

Another 17 interviews tomorrow.

Here's a bit on Michelle Pfeiffer, with a great photo of her as an old witch at the start of the film...
(One thing that fascinates me is that Claire Danes gets to play an Yvaine who is every bit as grumpy as the one in the book, but that the way they cut the trailer and the shot they used here, she seems amiable and compliant. It's the kind of thing that people who study gender semiotics in trailers would probably have things to say about. I just watch it with puzzlement.)

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