Thursday, July 26, 2007

Here and Now

I'm rather hoping that Maddy will take over this blog while we're here in San Diego, but she is fast asleep right now so it's up to me to say that a) we're here, that b) I signed piles of books and the 50 CBLDF prints, and that c) this evening Roger Avary and I presented 20 minutes of 3D Beowulf footage to the world.

And while I can't show it to you in 3D, and it's Not Really The Same as seeing the Actual Thing, the trailer is now up at

...and the Beowulf website has gone live at

After the presentation there was a party-reception-thing on a rooftop. I don't think I moved more than five paces from the entry in the two hours I was there, saying hellos and doing mini-interviews and the like and occasionally watching people with plates of nibbles go past but never coming near enough for me to actually find out if there was anything on the plates I wanted to eat. Sigh. I am crap at parties. At the point that I realised that any attempt to say goodbyes would mean I would be there for another hour, I slipped off down the stairs and went back to my hotel, still wondering what kind of nibbles had been on those distant plates....

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