Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Badger. Mushroom. Snake. Well, only badger really.

Stardust will be screening at the Edinburgh Festival -- No idea if I'll be there or not. Like so many things I found it at about the same time as the Stardust News Blog did, but Martyn finds so much other stuff I miss. is the site, and it's worth bookmarking


I think this is the best news story today. It's better than the tree man one. Honest.

THE Iraqi port city of Basra, already prey to a nasty turf war between rival militia factions, has now been gripped by a scary rumour – giant badgers are stalking the streets by night, eating humans.
The animals were allegedly released into the area by British forces...

(I found a picture of the whoo scary scary badger in question.)

I saw the "Teen tie in" edition of Stardust at my local B&N. The cover was just blue with stars on it and the word Stardust. It looked really ugly and dull. Why do you let them put covers like this on your books?

Um. In this case, because I didn't get any say in it. Paramount didn't approve any of the covers that Harper Children's proposed, and the book had to have a cover, and finally -- and I think it was more or less at the point where the book was going to press -- Harpers offered the blue cover with the logo and Paramount accepted it. I was on the road while all this was going on, and not in a place where I could see email attachments, so I missed it all. Ah well. These things happen. There are many editions of Stardust with pretty covers on them. Like this one...

(I just stole this picture of the new Hardback illustrated edition from Charles Vess's blog over at

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