Friday, June 01, 2007

A new pair of ears

In the UK. I was in the car on the way from Gatwick to the hotel when the phone call came in asking if I could stop off in Soho to listen to the Stardust dub, being a fresh pair of ears, so we changed course and I soon found myself in a large room in DeLane Lea, sitting on a sofa while the film rolled and the music played (on the same sofa where, oddly enough, I'd been sitting about a month ago, while David Yates played clips with amazing whooshy sounds on the next Harry Potter film). I ate some sushi, not sure if it was a very early breakfast or just some lunch, had a cup of tea, and then, very impressed, nipped out to check in to the hotel and to meet Holly-who-is-in-the-Uk-too-right-now. Where I am now.

I watched the clips I'll be introducing tomorrow at the Hay festival. Got an email from Paramount telling me that Stardust now has a myspace account at and they want lots of friends. Discovered that some sort of error meant that last night's blog entry hasn't gone out as a feed. (Oh well.)

Right. Now back to the dub for a bit, then down to Hay. (Waves cheerfully.)

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