Sunday, June 24, 2007

Maddy is so cool!

Hello everyone! You haven't heard from me for a day or so and I'm sure you were all very sad. But never fear, I am back and ready to report about the good time we have been having. Yesterday we ate dinner at a restaurant here in Budapest called Fatal (it's pronounced fah-tahl). The food was good, but the portions were literally twice the size of my head if not bigger. That is no exaggeration!! Dad and I were reading about it online afterwards and it said that if someone manages to finish a whole appetizer and a whole main course they will get dessert free. Yeah, right. If anyone could finish those two things I think the English pronunciation of the name of the restaurant would be involved.

Today we mostly hung out at the venue that Tori was playing at. There were some pretty cool people there! And some very delicious banana bread... :) I watched Tori play for a while but then I got bored of just sitting there so I pulled out the book I was reading. It's called Stardust. I doubt you have heard of it. It's written by some person who goes under the name of Neil Gaiman. Strange name.

We took a lot of good pictures on the real camera and not just dad's cell phone, but we discovered later that dad actually had not brought any cords to transfer the pictures to the computer. A little while ago I asked him to see if he had any good ones on his phone, but I doubt he has checked. Okay, nevermind, actually he has. All we have found is one from the day we first got here, but I guess it will do for now.

I recorded a little thing of me reading my blog entry "Ice cream is not a food group" out loud. We might put it on Youtube possibly if you guys want to know what I sound like, and what the blog was supposed to sound like. I'm not sure though because it would be very embarrassing.

Okey dokey! I will be back tomorrow because I hear we are going off set and onto a location for the filming! How excitinggggg!!

The one and only Madeleine R. E. Gaiman