Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Holly the Happening!

Hello! This is Maddy once again, in case you happened to somehow forget I was guest-blogging. Well, if you thought the highlight of the day was the nice breeze that cooled everything down, or that I got to see some stuff that I saw filmed being edited together, or the fact that I got to go up on the hill today so it wasn’t as dull, you would be wrong. The highlight is that it is my sister, Holly Miranda Gaiman’s birthday today!!!!! She turned 22 which is 10 years older then me, but don’t worry I will be 13 in August and then she will only be 9 years older than me. Joy! She is actually on the plane to Africa. Great way to spend a birthday, I know! Holly is very wonderful and a fabulous sister. She is always optimistic and is always there for me! All in all she is just a great person. Okay enough of the mushy stuff. Whenever Holly comes home she leaves everything a total and complete mess. I swear, I don’t think she could keep a place clean for a day, at the most. Also she is kind of weird sometimes but I guess it runs in the family. Except for me. I’m not weird at all…

Well I looked through my laptop and found all the beautiful pictures of Holly that I could see! Don’t mind the people in the pictures with her. They are of no importance. Don’t mind the strange expressions they are making either.


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