Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Two Authors in Need of a Shave

Let's see -- Stardust stuff first:
There are more Stardust photos up at -- here's Dunstan Thorn at the market, at the start of the film, meeting a young lady over a stall that sells glass flowers...

Click on the picture to see more photos...

Those of you in London or the UK might want to go and check and investigate the competition for Forbidden Planet screening. The question is impossibly difficult, mind.

(I've heard that the Stardust screening at Hay on Wye probably won't be a full screening, given some technical limitations, and I'll instead be presenting some of my favourite sequences and answering questions.)


Dinner last night with Michael Chabon, and then I got to sit in the audience and watch the Talking Volumes interview at the Fitzgerald Theatre -- herewith a picture of us backstage trying to get the damnable cellphone to give us a decent photo, after several blurry failures. Michael is still smiling. I am glaring at my cellphone going "work, damn you".

I am holding his book as a prop -- but am really looking forward to reading it... (this is John Clute's review).

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