Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Infernal Devices

A quiet day. I had a visit from a representative from a Major Company who flew all the way to the Midwest to show me An Interesting Device, and I'll write about it as soon as I know that it's not all confidential. I was fairly impressed by what I saw of the Device and will get one of my own to play with soon.

The Dog is fine -- we called the Humane Society and he's impounded for a week (which means I couldn't go over and say hullo and take him for a walk). Fred is back from the vet. We still have three goldfish.

I nipped out to see the hives today, wearing a white shirt and white jeans bought especially for beekeeping. I felt like Negative Me. Hive 1 (AKA Kitty) is doing brilliantly, Hive 2 (AKA Olga) is a bit more problematic. I don't think I'd ever realised that hives could have personalities before, despite having read Sue Hubbell's wonderful Book of Bees. (Here's a Sue Hubbell article from Time Magazine.) Tomorrow we check the hives to see if the queens are egg-laying. This is fun.

Fred is home from the vet and I just gave him his antibiotics. Maddy is watching American Idol. All's right with the world.

Let's see. Started reading Bryan Talbot's remarkable Alice in Sunderland today. Also got my copy of a short story collection I wrote an introduction to -- it's by Ellen Klages and is reviewed at

Dear Neil,

Can you or someone please post pics of that "cool dog" you found? First, I'd just like to see him. Second, maybe (maybe!) someone will recognize him!


Sure. He wasn't easy to photograph, mostly because he kept moving. This was the best one I got yesterday (you can't really see the wolfy ears, but they are there)...

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