Wednesday, May 16, 2007

gets you coming and going

Still getting over jet-lag, which seems to have hit me from both directions at once, which is what you get for flying to the UK for three days.

Lots of people have written to tell me about the UK 160 top Books for Boys initiative -- It's a sort of government sponsored Guys Read initiative. I'm pleased to be on it (three times), but am a bit puzzled by the list -- I suspect because The Times has left out the categories, age groups and so on that it comes with (eg, the first 14 are obviously "Books of Facts"). I think Neverwhere or Good Omens would be better on the list than the Mirrormask book, but there may have been categories I don't know about.

I didn't really like Michael Hearst's Songs For Ice Cream Trucks when I first heard it, but I've discovered it to be the perfect palate-cleanser when iTunes is on random -- the Ice Cream Trucks songs always make me smile and relax when they turn up. I'm not sure I like them as a meal in themselves, but they are amazing at the right time. Much like ice cream.

I missed the last visit to the bees this weekend, what with being at Alan and Melinda's wedding, but the Birdchick writes about it at
(you can also read her account of birds spotted out here at and her review of the copy of Clan Apis I forced her to read at

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