Wednesday, May 30, 2007

a general sense that you haven't been sleeping in clover

I sat on the couch last night around 9.30pm with many things still to do, planning to watch a bit of TV with Holly before I went back to work... and I woke up at 3.00ish in an empty room with a crick in my neck and the certainty that last night's quota of Doing Things was done.

Anyway. This is just a quick one to say that the copy of Ultimate Spider-Man 100 with a blank cover that was pencilled by me and inked by Joe Rubinstein (who magically manages to make my drawing look decent) is now up on eBay where it is making money for the Hero Initiative ( a wonderful organisation that provides assistance to elderly comics creators) (

[Edit: I've found a bigger picture of the Spider-man cover -- click on it for a larger version.]

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