Saturday, May 19, 2007

A fashion (and hair) retrospective

Ian Sinclair, who is one of my favourite writers, and was at Alan's wedding, described me, Alan Moore, Iain Banks and Kim Newman circa 1990 as "a hair retrospective" when we appeared in his novel Radon Daughters, and, in the same sequence, told the world that "Graphic novelists in expensive leather jackets entertained wizards of the photocopier by converting their royalty cheques into Irish malt whiskey".

Which is by way of saying that Jose Villarrubia sent me a photo of me and Alan, at Alan's wedding. There's a cricket game going on in the background of the madhouse, but we're standing in the way, so you can't see it.

We're still a hair retrospective, and I'm still wearing an expensive leather jacket. I just hope that we're so far out of step with the world we're in again, otherwise there's no hope for us.

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