Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Though He Can Never Look At Cheese The Same Way Again

This is a message from your neighborhood Web Elf. Mr. Gaiman reports he is done with chapter three, somewhere around page 98, and has started chapter five, entitled "Danse Macabre." A little mouse has told me that Neil may return very shortly indeed.

So as a gift to herald his return, you should all go and vote for the blog at the Blogger's Choice Awards.

Or rather, you should all go and have a look at the candidates and vote for the best blog of your choosing. I would never presume to sway your judgment by asking you to vote for this blog.

No. That would be wrong.

It would be wrong, for example, to trick you into voting for this blog by showing you a video of rats being tickled:

As it would be equally wrong to bribe you into voting for this blog by showing you adorable photographs of Maddy Gaiman with her adorable new haircut:

No. I would not stoop to such low and dishonorable tactics.

But if you vote for this blog I promise I'll be your best friend and possibly also make you cookies and buy you a yacht and also a puppy.

The Official Web Elf