Saturday, March 17, 2007

a miscellany

The last time I was in Poland, four years ago, I had a day where food never happened and I got grumpy about it. Everyone is so concerned about making sure this doesn't happen again that I suspect I'm going to leave Poland a rotund and cherubic figure, astonishingly well-fed and pink.

Dinner tonight included, as a starter, a small caviar and rice thing at the centre of the plate, with strangely spermatic tadpoles drawn in purple and brown sauce heading towards it, probably to fertilise it.

And seeing that no-one would believe me without photographic evidence...

Off to Krakow tomorrow morning.

I just got this in from Hera...

Live concert in about two and a half hours.. (8.15pm in Austin Texas..)
the timing has been changed and will start half an hour earlier than first advertised..

You can also contact directly during the concert... send an email to for requests or questions..

8.15PM start- Iceland's Hera -
10:00 PM - L.A.'s Genevieve -

Do not miss this anywhere in the world. Log onto and view the show that will begin at 7:30 PM (Central Time) (U.S.) We will re-broadcast the edited show the following weeks on our web site

and I learned from Lisa Snellings that her poppet planet is open (and that she's going to do a new set of the Neil Rats... I hope she'll make them in brass and glass and all sorts of strange things) and that the details are up at

Just a quick question - what happened to your tags? Reading them used to be one of the best parts of the post, but now they actually and accurately identify what you talked about. Creativity is always greater than organization!

I liked them too.

I was Given a Good Talking To About Them, because apparently people had been complaining that they weren't useful enough, and I was told that I couldn't just put tags up that only applied to the post in question. But hah! it only takes one message like yours and I'm ready to go back to my bad old ways. With, frankly, joy.

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