Friday, March 02, 2007

In which your correspondent admits to not knowing very much at all

For years people have been writing from the UK to ask when a Region 2 version of Neverwhere would be out, and I've pointed out that actually the US one is Region Zero, so they can just buy that.

I recently got a query on the FAQ line about the new BBC reissue of Neverwhere on DVD, and whether there would be anything new and cool on there. Since this was the first I'd heard of it, I asked Lenny Henry. It was the first he'd heard about it. I checked, and it's coming out at the end of April. I was sort of hoping that if the BBC ever released it then we could put extra footage back into it, fix a few things that still really bothered me, do a commentary track with some of the actors and the producer that was more than just me in a room eight years after I'd last seen it, sort of busking desperately...

...but given that it's coming out in seven weeks, I think all those things are now pipe dreams. (Not even sure if it'll be my commentary track from the US DVD on there, or nothing at all).

Still, it will be out in the UK, legitimately. Here's the cover that's up on Amazon -- I don't know if it's a real cover or a placeholder.

[Edit to add, I thought I'd put up a Neverwhere DVD cover that I actually like here as well. Interestingly, it uses some of the same stills. It's the Japanese cover, and it's a bit small:]

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