Friday, March 09, 2007

the how of blogging

I read Neil Gaiman's blog nearly every day, and usually there's a few different topics addressed in each blog (with each topic being seperated by an ellipsis). I was wondering.. does Mr. Gaiman just write his almost-daily blog all at once, or does he leave some kind of blog-program running in the background and write to it when he comes across something he thinks is worth writing down? I suppose, in my mind, I have this idea of Neil being done with writing that day, and then he goes and writes a blog. But sometimes his blogs are almost schizophrenic, meaning there's (sometimes) many different subjects he addresses in each of them. So I was just wondering is all. :-) Keep up the good work on the site,-Paul.

It all depends. There's no real pattern -- sometimes I keep a blog entry going until it seems long enough. Sometimes I write them in the morning before work starts, sometimes at night on the couch, and sometimes, like right now, I just go onto blogger to post in order to let anyone who's likely to read this and also send me email know that due to gmail being tooth-grindingly irritating right now, anyone who's sending email to my gmail account is getting it bounced back.

But then I think "I can't just post that. There are lots of people out there who don't give a toss about my gmail. I should at least put something else up."

So then I put up a link to "Dylan Hears a Who" -- -- where you can hear what sounds astonishingly like a mid 60s incarnation of Bob Dylan singing his way through the Dr Seuss catalogue, and it will probably make you happier.

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