Wednesday, March 14, 2007

chicken with its head cut off...

I just realised that I haven't posted in four days -- and now I'm in a world of madness and trying to get everything done before I leave this evening... and sort of looking around balefully in the certainty that I'm not going to get it all done.

Lots of really nasty 'flu around here, but so far it has missed me. I'm hoping to avoid it, but am bringing some Tamiflu with, just in case it doesn't.

There are rumours of a Forbidden Planet London signing on March 30th.

Good morning Neil
You haven't posted for a while (I am addicted so it feels like forever)
and I hope that everything is fine with you, despite the threat of
contagion from Maddy and your morbid attempt at chopping off bits of
I want to fly in to Paris next week to attend Le Salon du Livre, to get
a solid fix of ink and paper and hoping to get to see you.
Would you know if the booksellers who are hosting you will also have
some of your works in English ? It seems a shame to get something
Greetings from sunny Rome.

My guess is that my French publisher will only be selling French books at the Salon, which would make sense. If you want an English language (or Italian, Serbian, Chinese or Turkish or any other language but French book) then bring it along. has the details of me in Germany, Poland and France.

I was really disappointed by the speed with which the news story about the man who claimed a unicorn was driving was explained as being nothing of the kind, but I do love the idea of the "unicorn defense".

And Beowulf will be in 3D...