Friday, March 02, 2007

but the snow's all road and the road's all snow...

This morning is even snowier than yesterday -- huge white kissy snowflakes falling continually. I tried to take a few photos and discovered that my digital camera has problems with showing falling snow. Maddy's got a snow day. Holly came home for a few days to work on her thesis, and was meant to be out at my writing cabin for a few days but has had to work here instead, and doesn't seem to mind a bit. We're under the same Winter Storm Warning we've been under for 48 hours, but there's plenty of food.

I'm honestly enjoying it a great deal -- we haven't had snow like this this year. I don't think we've had it for a few years -- the snow goes over your wellington boots when you go out to fill the birdfeeders. And the knowledge that it's March, and thus the snow won't be here for the next three or four months, and that we're probably past the severe minus evil temperatures as well, is also cheering and heartening.

This is the view from the spare bedroom window...

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