Wednesday, March 28, 2007

be vewwy vewwy quiet...

I think, after doing readings and doing interviews and suchlike for two weeks, talking the whole time, I've just lost my voice. So I shall spend tomorrow being as quiet as possible, and saying as little as possible, because, since I am being interviewed and have a signing on Friday, and it would behoove me to have a voice back.

I finished the short story (a fictional love letter) today, at least in first draft. I think it needs some tweaking before it works, so I shall try not to read it until tomorrow, and then when I read it, I will pretend that I have never read it before...

(The Forbidden Planet signing on Friday is -- according to -- from 5.00 pm tp 6.30. Lots of signing. If you're in London, come and say hullo, and I trust I'll have a voice to say hullo back...)

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