Monday, February 19, 2007

Sacheverell. Saccheveral. Sachevarall. Sod it.

Dear Neil,
If somebody does answer your question regarding nftcd will you post it on your journal please? It's messing with my mind and freaking me out a bit. The only thing that I can say, is that it reminds me of the once official donnie darko film site (which is sadly now defunct as I have just discovered) which explained the film by working through riddles in flash. Anybody who has visited it remembers it as peculiar. But certainly not as peculiar as this
Many thanks,

Yes, Anastasia. But are you sure you want to know...?

It is the mystery that lingers, and not the explanation,
as I had Cain say, quoting Sacheverell Sitwell. I've probably misspelled Sacheverell, but frankly I think it's the kind of name that, if you make a good stab it it, you should be awarded points for effort, and it's not like all the Sacheverells in the world are immediately going to write in and complain...

Anyway, for Anastasia and for everyone else who wondered... I've often said that you lot know everything, and several people immediately wrote to me to say things like,

In answer to your question:

Which is a good explanation, but somehow less satisfying than my idea that by clicking on these things we were powering a hellish device made of owls and body parts in an alternate London....

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