Monday, February 26, 2007


I know what you're wondering. You're wondering, "Who is Fangirl magazine's Fangirl of the Year?" aren't you? Well, wonder no more. Simply by clicking on you will learn the truth. (No, it's not me. Oh, you knew that already.) (But I nominated the winner, and so feel vaguely proud...)

There's a new story by Susanna Clarke on BBC7 Radio called "The Dweller in High Places". It can be heard on internet streaming at - or it can be played directly in a RealAudio player from

The BBC usually keeps shows up for a week, so we've only got another six days to listen it...

Hullo, Neil. I know you're busy and I need to go scrape about 1/4 of an inch of ice of my car (you really didn't get any sleet up there?) so i'll make this quick. I know you already said that the whole 'Gaiman-is-writing-Silent-Hill-2' thing was just a rumor and you are, in fact, not. Is that still the case? IMDB now has you listed on the Silent Hill 2 page as a writer alongside Christophe Gans. Here's a link. I sincerely hope that this isn't true. And if it is... Well, if anyone can fix the atrocity that was Silent Hill (no joke was intended there) it's you.Logan M. G.

IMDB is a very odd sort of thing, and it doesn't really always bear a lot of resemblance to reality. Like most of the internet, it's useful and often correct, but not actually reliable. Anyway, yes, it's up there that I'm doing it, and no, of course I'm not. The really odd bit is that, despite listing me, they also have an FAQ on that same IMDB page which says that I'm not involved and concludes,
The rumor stems from a mistranslation on a Silent Hill Fan Site, in which Gans actually said Roger Avary would be returning to write the script for Silent Hill 2 when he was finished with "his project with his friend Neil Gaiman". Gans was refering to Beowulf.

(Actually I think Mr Gans was probably referring to Black Hole. But he might have been referring to Beowulf.)

Dear Neil,I was just reading your latest post and I could not help thinking that your "Because even lousy miracles are still miracles" would make a great prompt for a story. In fact I went further and thought that possibly the whole of your marvelous divination machine could be used as a prompt generator for a writing group.Would you mind awfully if it was used that way ?Thanks for all the words. Nathalie

As long as the powers of the oracular wossname are being used only for good, I'm quite happy with it being used in any way you wish. And I checked with the Oracle itself, and it said "Which probably isn't there any more anyway" which I think speaks for itself.

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