Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What I have learned so far in 2007

Remind me not to post about breaking the Internet again: first newBlogger spams poor Livejournal on my first post back, and then my own internet connection goes down completely on January 1st, when there are no help people at the end of the helpline, and it's another full day until they can get it back online.

Obviously there are things one must not joke about. I am beginning to suspect that the Internet is watching us, and its feelings are easily hurt.


Small parental moment of proud happiness -- my son Mike, having obtained his Masters in, er, computery stuff, had to decide whether to accept a job offer from an unidentified computer company named after a fruit or a job offer from an equally unidentified search engine company named after a lot. Both were things he wanted to do. He made his decision, and will now be joining the ranks of the employed.

(I would have been happy with either choice, but was delighted with the one he chose, because I've been there to talk and sign books, and, frankly, the food's terrific.)

(The sharp-eyed among you might find a clue to his decision in this recent photograph.)

I formally gave him the framed Bernie Mirault/Matt Wagner page from the "Origin of the Riddler" story I wrote, as his Hurrah You Now Have A Job That Does Not Actually Involve Preparing Fast Food Present, and wrote that it was now officially his on the back. (Curious as to how fast I could find the page in question on the web, I googled "Mirault Riddler" and a couple of seconds later I was at staring at
which impressed me no end.)

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